Saturday, June 19, 2010

Welcome Post

Assalamu aliakum,

I started this blog as a place to share my love of teaching and reading insha'Allah. Not only would I like to share what I read, I'd like to share information about books, literacy, lesson planning, and education in general insha'Allah.

Each day, I'd like to post the book(s) we've read and enjoyed because with the plethora of children's books that exists, it is not always easy to know or take the time to sift through hundreds of books to see which are Islamically appropriate. But, this is an important step that I hope all parents and teachers dedicate some of their time to. I hope to help whomever I can in this process insha'Allah by sharing some of the books I have found that are insha'Allah, Islamically appropriate.

Whenever possible I will try to share Islamic fiction books but as this is an area that is still in progress in the Muslim Publishing industry, I regret to say that the number of non-Muslim kids book will far outnumber the Islamic ones. Insha'Allah, this will not be an enduring trend.

Literacy is a passion of mine walhamdulillah and as I continue to learn and implement strategies that work, I want to pass those strategies along insha'Allah.

If you're reading and/or following this blog, there is a high chance that you too share a love of the written word and strive to pass this love on to your child(ren). Although the bulk of my posts may veer off in the direction of children's literacy (for children ages birth to six), I would also like to share books that are on my bookshelf or that occupy a comfy space in my book bin.

I've even pondered the idea of sharing some of my own personal thoughts and dialoging with other Muslim sisters who teach (and I believe that parents fit right into the definition of teacher so be not afraid - join in insha'Allah), those who homeschool and those who 'after-school'.

As with my other blog, A Muslim Child is Born, this blog is dedicated to Allah and Him only. I do it seeking His Noble Face and I hope that He accepts it from me.


  1. Assalamu 'alaykum sister:

    MashaAllah it is so wonderful to see this blog!

    I am happy that you will be looking at general books that are appropriate for Muslims. I think parents and teachers sometimes need that support in finding that book that is just right for their child or lesson.

    Due to certain constraints I focus mainly on Islamic fiction and general Isalmic books on my blog. So I am happy that you will be providing that Islamic perspective on reading generally.

    May Allah grant you success in all that you do.


  2. Waalaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,

    I was so pleased to see your blog b/c it focused on Islamic kids books. Because with teaching I read so many general kids books I thought it might help parents and teachers to have a place to go to find books that, as you said, may help with a particular lesson or just be suitable for a read aloud at home or in the classroom insha'Allah.

    Insha'Allah, together, we can help Muslim families select quality literature for their children. Which reminds me, I need to put your blog link here insha'Allah.

  3. Assalaamu Alaikum ukhti,

    Once again a brilliant blog masha Allaah! May Allaah reward you with all the good in this world and the hereafter for all your efforts and benefiting the Ummah! Aameen

  4. Waalaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,

    Jazakillahu khayr dear sis Umm Maimoonah and it's wonderful to see you here ((Hug)).

  5. Assalamu alaikum , Thank you for putting this together , do you have resources for older children as well ?