Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Storytime: Chicken Said Cluck!

Assalamu alaikum,

Today we read, and read, and read (smile) Chicken Said Cluck! by Judyann A. Grant:

Well this book was certainly enjoyed alhamdulillah. I used this story/book as a way to reinforce previous discussions about akhlaq and how Muslims should treat other people and animals.

In the story, a little boy and girl decide to grow pumpkins but Chicken keeps getting in the way by scratching the dirt where the children are working and planting. Annoyed with Chicken's behaviour, the children keep telling Chicken to "shoo". In the end, after Allah, it is the chicken who helps save the garden.

During the read aloud I asked if the way the children were treating Chicken was very nice. I mentioned that the children learned an important lesson: the one you think is of no use to you can actually turn out to be of great benefit to you. We also talked about how Allah has enjoined upon Muslims to be kind (to humans and animals) and we talked about alternate behaviours that the children in the story could have shown.

The "shoo-ing" and "cluck-ing" sounds made this book enjoyable for the very young alhamdulillah and I was asked to read it several times which I gladly did. Repetition helps build vocabulary and fluency insha'Allah.

Ages: 3-5

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