Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Storytime: In My Backyard

Assalamu alaikum,

Today we read, In My Backyard by Margriet Ruurs.

This book is a celebration of animals that are commonly found in backyards. It's also a hide and seek book because the animal that is to appear on the next page is hidden in the illustration on the previous page - see if you can find them insha'Allah. I still can't find the paper wasp!

The illustrations are unique and creative. The illustrator uses paper-sculpting to illuminate the story. I appreciate the subtle details in each illustration. There is much to look at and discover. There are many opportunities to ask the child questions as you read this book, such as, "Can you find the ______?" "I see the _____, do you see it to? Can you point to it insha'Allah?" This is an excellent way to build vocabulary for our children insha'Allah. Exposing them to rare words (words that are not used commonly in every day language) helps children become better readers insha'Allah.

This book is one that children two years and older might enjoy insha'Allah especially as many of the animals in the book are making an appearance now that it is warmer alhamdulillah.

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