Friday, April 8, 2011

What is Early Literacy?

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Here is a parent-friendly explanation of how parents and caregivers can aide in the development of their child(ren)'s early literacy skills insha'Allaah. This brief explanation also gives parents an idea of the type of foundation children will need that will help ensure (after dua') literacy success in school (or homeschool) insha'Allaah.

What is Early Literacy? 
Early Literacy is what children know about reading before they can actually read.
You are your child's first teacher! 

The Six Skills
Help your child get ready to read by helping them with these six simple skills:
  1. What are words?
    Vocabulary - knowing the name of things
  2. Words and pictures
    Print Awareness - understanding that print has meaning; noticing print everywhere, not just in books; knowing how to handle a book
  3. Learning my ABCs
    Letter Knowledge - knowing that letters look different from each other; knowing letter names and sounds
  4. Words and sounds
    Phonological Awareness - being able to hear and play with the smaller sounds in words
  5. Let's read together
    Print Motivation - being interested in and enjoying books
  6. Tell me a story
    Narrative Skills - being able to describe things and events, and tell stories
Source: Chandler Public Library

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