Friday, April 8, 2011

Storytime: A Closer Look

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

 Today we read A Closer Look

A Closer Look is a book that encourages childrens' imaginations and may help them sharpen their observation skills. In this book, children are presented with a close-up of an object and the author asks them to "Look!". On the next page, the view pulls back and children are given a larger perspective of the object. Now they are asked to guess what it is that they see. Upon turning the page the child's guess is either affirmed or they see what the object really is. 

The illustrations in the book are done using handmade paper and collage and the result is bold and vibrant. This book is intended for children from preschool to grade 2 but this is a book that even infants may enjoy during storytime. As parent/teacher sits with baby and turns each page, the child can be engaged in a stimulating conversation. You can whisper in an excited voice, "Look!" and after giving the child time to look at the page, turn it and ask the infant what they see. They cannot respond but offer suggestions of what the picture may depict. In this way, you can begin giving your infant a store of vocabulary words that he/she will later use insha'Allaah. And when you turn the page to reveal what the object is, talk about it. Mention how Allaah created the object and how He gave it its form and beauty. Mention how it is only Allaah that can do this. You can then say in an awe inspiring voice, "Allaahu Akbar!"

This is a wonderful book to be used during storytime as the text is very brief, the illustrations vibrant and detailed and the child is given the opportunity to begin the amazing, joyful experience of guessing. This is an excellent way to broaden childrens' knowledge of Allaah's creation. By guessing with them, giving suggestions, you help them learn new words and you help stimulate their imagination insha'Allaah. 

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