Monday, July 12, 2010

Literacy Activity Ideas for the Alphabet

Assalamu aliakum,

From my classroom resource library: here is a book that will help parents plan fun activities for the alphabet insha'Allah. This is a teacher resource that can make the transition to a homeschool with very little effort insha'Allah as the ideas can be used outside of circle time without taking away from the impact, fun, or goal of the activity. The activity ideas provided in Literacy Activities for Circle Time: Alphabet can easily be adjusted to the Arabic alphabet insha'Allah, and those who may not have access to purchase this book through the mail can purchase and download the ebook online insha'Allah!

As you begin planning your literacy curriculum for next year, this book may prove to be very helpful and take hours off of your lesson planning time insha'Allah. But I must tell you that there are some activities that suggest the use of food in a manner that is wasteful and thus not permissible in Islam. As always...skip those parts and benefit from the various other activities provided insha'Allah. 

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