Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Let's Talk Books! - The First of Many Book Reviews In'shaa allaah.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Let's start our reading conversation by looking at some of the books students enjoyed this year.

Students really liked and enjoyed Lots of Balloons by Dana M. Rau. This book is for emergent readers and has lively, colourful illustrations that invite exploration, and as Ramadan approaches, the story can be used to supplement a discussion on sadaqa and kindness. 

In the story, the little girl asks a vendor in the park to give her balloons of varying colours, but she does so not for her own benefit; she gives the balloons to other people in the park. Some of the people to whom she gives balloons need something to cheer them up. For example, the little boy who has dropped his ice-cream on the ground and is crying is cheered up by the unexpected gift of a balloon, and a little girl who is sitting lonely by herself near the pond is also cheered by this unexpected, kind gift. 

Because the text is simple, your emergent reader can gain confidence as he or she practices reading this story independently in'shaa allaah. The book is also one that can be used for storytime with JK (pre-school) and SK (Kindergarten) students, and it can be used to teach colour words to young learners.

Reading Level: KG - Gr. 1
Islaamically Appropriate: Yes, in'shaa allaah

Until the next book in'shaa allaah....

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