Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Storytime: أنا ورقة نبات (I am the plant leaf)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

The book for storytime today is

أنا ورقة نبات

 (I am the plant leaf)

شرح علمي مبسط ومسل للأطفال عن أوراق النبات ومراحلها وأهميتها تحكيه ورقة بلسانها.

This story explains to children the importance of the leaves of plants, what they do for trees, and how their work changes based on the seasons and the cycles they go through. Aside from being read aloud, this book is one that can be recorded and placed in your science centre for children to listen to when you are teaching certain themes (i.e. season, plants, etc.) as the book has taken the scientific explanation and simplified it for children very well masha'Allaah. Arabic Only.


  1. Jazaaki Allah khayr for the list of Arabic books. I am having a hard time ordering them from online. I tried to order from two places so far the cost for shipping were $22 and $16 and the book was under $4. The shipping is too expensive.

    1. Wa iyak. In shaa' Allaah more Arabic books will be posted soon. Also, have you checked to see if your local public library has books in Arabic for children? If they don't, perhaps you can ask them to order some.