Thursday, February 24, 2011

Storytime: Karim and Mother in the Kitchen (Arabic)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Today we read كريم و ماما في المطبخ

This is a nice book about a boy, Karim, and his mother, making cookies in preparation for friends who are on the way. The story shows the reader, in appropriately few steps, how to make sugar cookies. The illustrations are nice but there are a few aspects of the story you may wish to change as you read. For instance, the word "mama" was replaced by the word "Ummuhu" (his mother) and "Uh-oh!" was replaced with "Subhana'Allaah!". In another part of the book, you will need to point out that we do not eat with our left hands. Aside from that, the story is a nice read alhamdulillaah. The book also has taskeel on the words so that may be helpful for Arabic Language Learners insha'Allah.

Thus far, I have not been able to locate a place to buy this book by Huda Nashif on the internet but your local library may have it insha'Allaah. If so, your child(ren) may enjoy listening to this story. They may also enjoy the recipe at the end of the book that tells them how they can make their own batch of sugar cookies insha'Allaah (with the help of Father or Mother of course *smile*).


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  2. Awww mashallah this sounds like a wonderful book. It caught my eye truthfully because of the title... :-) Thanks for the post.
    Um Abdulkarim

  3. Insha'Allaah you are able to find it. It is a fun book *smile*.