Monday, November 15, 2010

Storytime: Anna's Book

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Today we read Anna's Book


This book is just right for toddlers and pre-schoolers as each page has only one or two very short sentences to compliment each illustration. Pre-school aged children who are beginning to read can easily read most of the text as this book is full of sight words such as: here, come, has, a, with, the, again, etc.

To make the book even more appealing, the child's name in the story can very easily be substituted with a Muslim girls' name to make the story more personal insha'Allaah.

What I especially like about this story is that for any parent/teacher who has had a child request a book be read again, and again, and again and again see where this is going yes?...hehe, this story will be very familiar and it gives the listener (i.e. the child) an alternative when his/her mother cannot read to him/her: grab a favourite stuffed toy and read aloud to it insha'Allaah. Early training for the little ones to begin acquiring the joy of not only being read aloud to but reading aloud to others as well insha'Allaah!

There is another book by this same author, 'Anna Shares' but I would not recommend this book as it does not depict proper Islamic manners and it seems from the age of the children that they are too old to being playing together as the other character is a boy who is not the main character's brother...waalllaahu alim.

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